Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On The Economy

There are a number of misguided individuals who believe that every effort must be made to reverse the apparent trend of the economy toward a recession or ("gasp") a full fledged depression.


Bring it on, I say.

A depression is a natural response to an unhealthy economy. It is nature's way of saying, "There are too many idiots among you who haven't the faintest notion of what money is for".

A depression isn't a symptom, it is a cure.

There is a belief that those that have money have earned it. That they have contributed to society in some way and thus should be rewarded. I agree that this can be true. But many who have money have it only due to the fact that they were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and have no more made any contribution to society than Commerce City is a nice vacation destination. Those that have the skill and motivation to earn money by what they give to others will regain what they have lost. Those that can't will be working at King Soopers.

Depressions are nothing to fear. For many, we are and have been in a depression for years. They are called "poor". For them, a depression would change nothing. It is the wealthy that would be most affected by a depression. History is written by those in power. Our current view of the "horrors" of the last depression were written by those who do not care if it happens to others, but cannot stand the thought of having to deal with the challenge of having no money themselves.

Depressions have a way of bringing out the best in people. People turn towards each other and help their neighbors during a depression. In the absence of material possessions they begin to create their own entertainment. There is a reason they called it the "Great" depression. Look at the contributions in art and culture that were created at that time - Duke Ellington, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jackson Pollock, John Steinbeck, "Gone With The Wind". The 80's were a time of great economic prosperity. What did they bring us? The Pet Shop Boys.

Think about it.

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