Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm No Quitter

My so-called "opponents" have suggested that I quit the race for President.

Their logic is deplorable.

They use the fact that my polling numbers are pathetic. They are ridiculously low and indicate that very few people have even heard of me, let alone are willing to vote for me. They suggest that for this reason, I should drop out of the race.

It is a fact that I have not been doing well in the polls. But this is exactly the reason why I should stay in the race.

Both of my "esteemed colleagues" would, if faced with the same dismal results, would quit. They have both made it clear by their suggestion that I do the same, that they would absolutely drop out under the same conditions.

They are both, in a word, quitters.

Is that the kind of president people want?

When the going gets tough, the quitters get going. The tough stay.

Do you want a president that gives up? Do you want a president that changes his mind simply because what he's doing isn't working? If recent history is any indication, Americans want a president who will stick to his guns no matter what the cost. That is the kind of president I will be, not some wishy-washy quitter, like those other people.

Their claim that I should quit is absolute proof that they should quit. Their demand for me to drop out is clear evidence of the inevitability of my eventual election.

I rest my case.

Think about it.

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