Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Are They Trying To Hide From Us?

I am sure that it will come as no surprise to my devoted readers that the current administration is not always very forthcoming with information regarding the inner workings of the government. I would even go so far as to suggest that my readers have come to suspect such conduct as the standard operating procedure for this administration.

I have, over the years, learned to find out what others wish hidden. One cannot successfully bring those companies which ignore the safety of our citizens to trial without having learned a thing or two about bringing to light those facts that others wish to be in the dark.

There is a tremendous tool available to us that can expose those secrets the government wishes to deny us.

Census data.

That is correct. There is a wealth of data in those numbers and any properly motivated and educated individual can find them.

Take, for example, Roseland, Indiana.

The vast majority of you have never heard of Roseland and most of those that have will assume that there is nothing special about that town.

But those people are wrong.

If you glance at the census data for Roseland, you may notice an interesting fact:

Roseland is 82.6% women.

Yes. For every man in Roseland, there are 4 women.

And there is more. The median age in Roseland is 21.1 years old. 66.9% of the citizens are single. This is a town full of young, available, and, in all likelihood, attractive women.

What is the government trying to do in Roseland?

There is no natural explanation for why such a thing would happen. There must be some plan by the current administration to gather and exploit nubile females. There is little information coming from Roseland in this matter.

There was, though, an incident that revealed much of what their plan is. Apparently an argument ensued between the only two male members of the Roseland town council. Perhaps this was some hormone induced mating ritual, vying for the largest harem. Who can say? The subsequent result of this event was that the only female member of the council was removed from office.

A town with over 80% female population with no female representation in their government?

Something sinister is happening in Roseland.

And is it merely coincidence that the town's name sounds strangely similar to Roswell?

Think about it.

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