Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Took A Break

While I generally do not find a need to rest from my efforts to find and punish those companies which do damage to the citizens of this nation or, more recently, my campaign to become the next President of the United States, I did indeed do just that the other night. My assistant Tree Sing, suggested that I enjoy some popular entertainment at a nearby theater. Actually, she did not so much as suggest it as deceive me by telling me that she was taking me to a press conference. When we arrived, I was sorely tempted to drive myself home, if I could, in fact, drive myself. Alas, after my accident those many years ago I find that attempting to drive a car at over 20 MPH causes me to whimper noticeably. According to Tree, revelations of this sort will help to humanize me and improve my image. If that is what the people want, so be it.

I am, however, glad that I stayed.

We attended a comedy show in Denver entitled "Convention?" at the Avenue Theater. It was highly entertaining. It depicts a behind the scenes look at the political process of campaigning for President. The show is, as they say, "improvised", meaning they could not be bothered to create a script. It was, nevertheless, quite amusing.

The show was created by Misters Chris Gallegos, Brian McManus, Ben Reed and a Ms. Meredith Winfield. The show featured a number of performers including:
  • Galloway Albright
  • Carl Anderson
  • Kathleen Boland
  • Dave Karasik
  • Amanda Kennedy
  • Keith Rains
  • Yvette Rebik
  • Rick Rothenberg
  • Shannon Wood Rothenberg
  • Mark Shonsey
  • Sam Tallent
  • Betsy Vajtay
And I believe they even went so far as to procure the services of a "lights" person, by the name of Matt Fogel.

Bravo! Kudos to you all.

Their show runs every Tuesday at 7:30 through August. I heartily recommend it.

Now, back to work.

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