Sunday, March 16, 2008

On The Protection Of Consumers

It is the act of consumption itself that is the gateway to danger.

While stopping big business from acting irresponsibly is first and foremost my primary goal, I would be remiss to ignore the other avenue towards the protection of the consuming public.

Stop it.

Stop consuming. Reduce consumption. With every purchase there is the potential danger that comes with all products.

The "scientists" freely use statistics to convince us of their "truths". But statistics do tell us one thing. More samples means more danger.

If I buy a toy that has a one in a million chance of harming my child, then if I buy one million toys, he will most assuredly be harmed.


mere9 said...

i think you've got something here.

TaxMaster123 said...

Are you standing in the big dipper in your picture? How is that even possible?

Mom said...

You are a danger to yourself and others and you never cleaned your room when you were a kid.