Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On The Environment

I am in favor of it.

We need an environment. Without one, where would we be?

And where would the environment be without us? It would be the proverbial tree falling in the forest. If there is no one around to use the environment, essentially it simply does not exist.

I am in favor of protecting our environment. But only to the degree that it protects people. People come first.

As a Secular Humanist, I believe that the basis of all that matters are people. We must do everything we can to protect people. And we must protect the environment that we live in.

Trees are not in and of themselves worthy of protection. Trees don't have feelings or opinions or responsibilities. But trees serve people and for this reason they must be protected.

Protected for people, not from people.

Should we be allowed to cut down trees? Of course we should. But in a responsible manner. Should Big Business be allowed to harvest trees without proper controls? No! Trees exist for the use of everyone, not just unthinking corporate pirates. Everyone should be allowed to cut down as many trees as they like, as long as they use them for their own benefit, or the benefit of others.

I propose that we establish a Department of Trees, where people can submit petitions for tree harvesting. Build a house? Of course! Generate heat? Yes. Waste a tree merely for some archaic "religious" ceremony? I don't think so.

This is only the beginning. A new era of responsible stewardship of OUR environment is upon us. An opportunity to fully utilize the resources that the multiverse has given us is at hand. Do not throw this chance away.

You know what to do.

Think about it.

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